Q. Is IVF the last option?

Well, couples who have tried naturally or with some assistance from various doctors, have failed to achieve pregnancy. Then they may wish to consider IVF as a method to increase the chances of conceiving. That is one thought in terms of seeking IVF treatment. The other is if the husband has very poor quality sperm which is so poor, that despite treatments, have not improved in the quality. Then IVF shortcuts the process of natural conception by achieving this in the laboratory.

Couples who are of a senior age group, I don’t call them old couples, but people who are in their late thirties and early forties, the egg quality is not so good and using IVF technology, you can actually stimulate a batch of eggs, produce a batch of embryos and select these better quality embryos for usage, that is for implantation and this may help to increase pregnancy rates.

Answered by Dr. Christopher Chen

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