Q. Is there a maximum number of IVF treatment?

How many times can you try IVF before you consider giving up or the government tells you to stop? I will go by the government criteria, if you are less than the age of 40, you can go up to 10 cycles, completed cycles of IVF because some cycles are not complete. It may stimulate the ovary and it fails to respond. That is not a complete cycle. Ten completed cycles before the age of 40, 5 completed cycles after the age of 40 but before you hit 45 because the government draws a line in terms of that. But I must say, not a large amount of couples have the fortitude to go to 10 cycles. Usually, by the time they reach the 3rd or 4th cycle, I think they have bankrupted themselves for a start. They have stressed themselves out and many times they give themselves a long break and to restart again. But it is a very stressful procedure in terms of IVF and these are the people who need counselling and support during the treatment and after the treatment, especially if failure takes place.

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