Q. Why choose IVF over other treatments?

IVF was introduced many years ago in order to overcome infertility issues among couples where all the existing treatments appeared failed and there are specific reasons for doing IVF such as the husband’s sperms is very poor and insufficient to achieve natural conception. That’s when IVF comes in because you take the sperm and introduced it into the egg, ensuring that it meets its target.

Secondly, women today, for example, they have endometriosis and endometriosis is a very devastating disease on fertility. IVF helps in this situation because the eggs are developed using an array of hormonal treatment to improve egg quality and then you got to ensure these eggs which have hardened shells because of the endometriosis condition have the sperm introduced into them and this is done using a very fine needle that allows one sperm only to pass through the needle into the egg. So, endometriosis is a problem today and a big problem but it can be solved using this type of technology. And the other thing too, women today make lots of eggs but these eggs are not a good quality and in a natural situation, even with hormonal treatments, the treatments are inadequate to achieve good quality eggs.

IVF by using the special technology and the regime of hormonal injections does bring about good eggs. But again, bear in mind that IVF is in a way a technology that allows you to select, you can select the best sperm, you can select a whole array of eggs and take the best ones, fertilise them, and when you have the embryos, you select the embryos to implant. You may not need to implant the embryos fresh. Because after a woman gone through all the stresses of treatment in order to obtain those eggs, her endometrium that is the lining of her uterus, the soil may not be optimum.

And under these circumstances, most research have found that you get better results, by freezing the embryos and implanting them in what is called the artificial cycle where you create the lining of the uterus, the soil so that you can plant the embryos satisfactorily and there is research now which shows that this avenue of treatment is better even than the fresh implant of the embryos after the cycle is over.

Answered by Dr. Christopher Chen

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