Q: Any words of encouragement?

Now, we know that breast cancer is the commonest cancer amongst women and any woman is at risk. But yet, it can be detected at its earlier stage and rendered completely curable. So, why aren’t women coming forward for checks and for regular mammograms if this is the case? The truth is that women are afraid of 2 things, of losing their breasts and of dying from cancer. Now, we already know that with advances in surgical techniques and oncoplastic techniques, a woman need not fear about losing her breast. And as for dying, I have good news to share. There are so many exciting developments where breast cancer drugs are concerned. We are talking about totally eradicating cancer cells through targeted treatments and these are treatments targeting specifically at certain cancer cell types. With this, we are able to reach a step closer to the cure of breast cancer. So, women need not fear of dying from the disease anymore. Now, women may have multiple roles to play. She’s got to be the mother, the wife, the daughter, the colleague for working mothers. Now, all these roles are not possible if she does not have her health. It is normal and completely valid to be fearful of breast cancer. But we have brought you good news that it is preventable, it’s curable. But the condition is that you must help yourself by stepping forward. Only at the earlier stage of detection can breast cancer be cured. So, wait no longer, take charge of your health today.

Answered by: Dr Esther Chuwa

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