Q: How does correction of varicocele improve the infertility issue, sperm count?

Correction of varicocele be it by laparoscopic surgery, microsurgical techniques or embolisation can improve fertility. Correction of varicocele can lead to improvement in total number of sperm produced by the testicle or it can also improve the movement or motility of the sperm or in some cases may even improve the number of normal shaped sperm. Every one of this parameter is an important parameter, especially in a man with abnormally poor sperm count. Hence, generally, it improves the quality of the sperm produced in a man after surgery. In very recent studies, there are suggestions as well that correction of a varicocele at a younger age may preserve the testicular hormonal function as a man ages. As we know, the testicle is also responsible for producing the male hormone testosterone. Correction of a varicocele at a younger age may protect the man from premature cessation of testosterone production as he ages.

Answered by: Dr Ho Siew Hong

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