Q: What role does a urologist play in the reversal of vasectomy?

In the areas of sperm harvest, the urologist can assist in cases of reversal of vasectomy. Vasectomy as we know, is a very effective way of birth control. In some situation, a man may require a reversal of this procedure if he desires fertility. The urologist is involved in the process of microsurgical reversal of vasectomy whereby under anesthesia, the ends of the sperm tube or called vas are explored and reattached under the guidance of a microscope. The urologist also uses microsurgical techniques in difficult exploration of testis whereby sperm counts are extremely low and the number of sperms that are to be found are extremely low. With the aid of a microscope, he is able to explore different parts of the testis, looking for the ideal tibial that may yield one or two sperms in these very very difficult situations so that these few sperms can be harvested and frozen for future IVF use.

Answered by: Dr Ho Siew Hong

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