Baby Nursing Bundle (Limited Stock)


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Baby Nursing Bundle includes:

  • MULTI MAM Compresses 2ml x 12
  • MILKBAR Nursing Breastfeeding pillow 
  • TOOSHIES Nappies 
  • WHEATBAGS LOVE Wheat bags 
  • WELEDA Nursing tea 

MULTI MAM Compresses 2ml x 12

Intensive nipple treatment for breastfeeding mothers

Multi-Mam Compresses prevent and treat discomforts before and during breastfeeding. Multi-Mam Compresses are safe and harmless when swallowed by the baby and do not have to be removed prior to breastfeeding.

They are based entirely on natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. This allows you to breastfeed your baby without hesitation.

Has a direct soothing effect on sore nipples
Neutralizes harmful microorganisms. Prevents infection (mastitis)
Optimizes the condition of the nipple area
Gel is natural safe and harmless when swallowed
Supports the natural healing process
Multi-Mam Compresses are a completely novel approach to the treatment of sore nipples. The product is based on the patented 2QR complex that is unique in its ability to block harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way. Multi-Mam Compresses have a strong bio-active effect, which greatly enhances the healing process and stimulates epithelisation. Multi-Mam Compresses are preservative free. The application of an impregnated Compress helps maintain a moist environment. The Compress does not stick to skin, decreases the chance of bacterial infection, and is easy to use. Multi-Mam Compresses provide immediate relief of pain and swelling.

The components of Multi-Mam Compresses have been chosen for their well researched wound healing, pain stopping, anti microbial and moisturizing properties.
Multi-Mam Compresses are non toxic and contain no preservatives. The bio-active gel has a pleasant sweet taste, contains only herbal ingredients and is totally safe when swallowed by the baby.
Multi-Mam Compresses are sold with CE marking as a medical device Class I.

MILKBAR Nursing Breastfeeding pillow 

The Milkbar Nursing Pillow is a compact, portable and stylish breast feeding pillow. It has a zip-off washable cover and washable inner pillow. Designer colour combination tones well with home decor.

One end of the Milkbar Breast Feeding Pillow is higher than the other so baby’s head is at breast height. Can also be used as a sleep support pillow, to encourage better posture or using as a travel pillow. It offers the perfect gift.


Great for both breast and bottle-feeding newborns and infants or as a pregnancy support sleeping pillow, travel or kids snuggle pillow
Supports baby’s weight while feeding, reducing neck, back and arm strain
Elevates baby’s head to a comfortable level for feeding and aids digestion
Allows baby to be nursed on either side
Maximises both baby’s and mother’s comfort
Adapts to all waist and chair shapes
Helps protect delicate abdominal area after Caesarean Section deliveries
Has a convenient carry handle.
100% Australian owned
Fully washable: – removable 100% Cotton cover – all new polyester washable filling; non-allergenic and odourless

TOOSHIES Nappies (you can pick the nappy sizing)

Tooshies by TOM Newborn Nappies are the perfect first start to life.

Snug slim fit with a super stretchy elastic waist
Gentle on bottoms with no fragrance, latex, parabens or nasties
Gentle on the planet and made with sustainable plant-based materials


Wheatbags are soothing, warming and offer natural pain relief to sore muscles and aching joints

Our wheatbags are longer in length and so fit comfortably across shoulders, tummies, lower backs, feet and our customers use them for sore shoulders, tight necks, period cramps, aching lower backs and stomach pain amongst many other uses!

Made in Australia from all natural cotton, wheat with Lavender scent they are the perfect addition to every home and workplace.

Each wheatbag also comes with it’s own gift box so they make great presents to send to loved ones!

Where to Use

Sore shoulders
Tight necks
Period cramps
Lower backs
Aching knees
Sport induced soreness or tightness in hamstrings, quads or glutes
Stomach pain
Wrist and Ankle sprains (generally best to use cold but depends on the nature of the injury)

WELEDA Nursing tea

Delicious organic herbal tea mixture for breastfeeding mothers
Enjoy peaceful and relaxing feeding times with your baby, thanks to our delicious tea – especially developed together with midwives and pharmacists for breastfeeding mothers.

20 individually wrapped sachets in a handy, quick access box

Every time you breastfeed you give your baby love, warmth and security. At a time of cosy togetherness, the two of you strengthen close bonds and your baby gets all the nutrition needed for healthy development, completely naturally. Enjoy this precious time!
Your midwife or health visitor is there for you for professional advice about breastfeeding.

Note: Offer available in Singapore only. Stock are limited.


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