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The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary new tool for parents using an ancient but doctor-tested and approved technique to help soothe your fussy baby and get some much-needed sleep (for both you and baby).

The Baby Shusher quickly soothes any baby. With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, the Baby Shusher draws on ancient, time-tested practices. Features include a built in timer, volume control and a wrist strap. AA batteries included. For newborns and up.

  • 15 or 30-minute timer with automatic shut-off
  • Adjustable volume
  • Takes AA batteries
  • Wrist or hanger strap
  • Small, portable, and easy to use
  • Colour: Orange/White
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Here at Baby Shusher, we have taken great measures to create wonderful products that help parents soothe their baby and get more sleep (for both baby and parents!). Our products has been designed to engage a baby’s natural calming reflex in a safe and loving way.

Click HERE to watch Baby Shusher in Action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge9uE1z_eyI&feature=youtu.be

1 review for BABY SHUSHER The Sleep

  1. Sharon

    I tried a ton of different phone apps with my daughter but she only responded to the noise of my verbal shhing. Unfortunately, that meant spending a lot of time spent on my part doing so, I am so happy I tried this product we have been using it since bubs were 2 months old. She is 4 months now and I use it every time she goes to sleep.

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