BE FERTILE Relaxation For Your Early Pregnancy


You can choose to listen to this track anytime. It may suit your mood when you feel like a shorter guided mindfulness relaxation, if you catch a break at work, or if you just need to get your mind off your fertility or pregnancy!

This is also great for men who would benefit from more regular relaxation. You may even like to listen together!

  • Guided relaxations for your thaw cycle (although you’re welcome to use the Stimulated cycle tracks in your thaw cycle)
  • Guided relaxations for women who have been trying to conceive for an extended period of time
  • Guided relaxations for your pregnancy and specifically for complications in pregnancy such as morning sickness, breech, threatened induction
  • Guided relaxations for your partner Guided relaxations for your wellbeing


We are a group of women who believe that times of infertility and pregnancy should not be a time of isolation, overwhelm and anxiety.

Through our own personal experience and that of our patients, we know what a lonely and often difficult road ‘trying to conceive’ and ‘being pregnant’ can be.

We think every woman needs a friendly voice in her ear, to encourage her in times of struggle.

Our guided relaxations offer to be that friendly voice in a real, calm and a non-new-agey way.

Gina and Charmaine, the creators of this meditation series, are long-term keen meditators, who truly know the value of a supportive, daily relaxation practice. They are both highly regarded experts and speakers on natural fertility and leaders in naturopathic IVF support at Fertile Ground Health Group in Melbourne, Australia.

“Having seen first-hand how the process of trying to conceive has impacted on the wellbeing of our patients, we were inspired to create a series of guided relaxations to support women and men going through this time.”

Kathryn Moloney, also a Naturopath and long-term meditator, has recently come on board to help spread the word about these beautiful CD’s and downloads.


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