AMAZONIA Raw Prebiotic Men’s Multi 100g


Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Men?s Multi is a wholefood formulation of superfoods, prebiotics, fermented ingredients, organic greens and grasses specifically designed to support men?s physiological health. This amazing formula contains antioxidant rich cacao and a greens blend which includes spirulina and wheatgrass. These superfoods are packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants. Included in the mix is a bio-fermented blend of legumes and seeds, including red lentils and chickpeas which are nutrient and pro-biotic rich. The fruit and vegetable blend includes kale and acai, these promote healing, support the immune system and boost energy. Not to forget tribulus and panax ginseng which support healthy hormone production, increase energy and support heart health. This delicious drink supports the male physiology and wellbeing whilst also nourishing the digestive system.Health Benefits:

Health Benefits: Adaptogenic herbs specific to men?s physiology, Antioxidant rich superfoods

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It’s been seven years since Amazonia’s humble beginnings, where it all began with the not-so-humble little acai berry being hand-packed in the back of a Fremantle organic restaurant by Amazonia’s tepee dwelling founder Dwayne Martens, Amazonia are spicing up the health scene with their flair for creating the world’s most delicious and nourishing products. The Amazonia team is an inspired bunch who take what they do very seriously.

Amazonia are proud to be part of a global sustainable movement, directly impacting over 10,000 families and 10,000 acres of natural land and ecosystems in a positive way. From their Acai, coconuts, freeze-dried organic Fair Trade green coffee bean and Ecuadorian cacao, to the sea minerals and superfoods of the Raw range, the Amazonia team understand and practice the concept of sustainability from source to consumer. They take pride in being Fair Trade, using recycled materials and vegetable inks in their brochures and packaging, as well as donating above and beyond to global environmental projects.


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