TOM ORGANIC Pads/Tampons Bulk Sale | Limited Stock (Pick any 5 boxes)


TOM Organic is an all Australian, female owned business, that understands the needs of women and the importance of offering organic options for menstrual, nursing and baby products. Their ethics and concerns for the environment are clear, from the cotton that they source to the packaging they use. Women can rely on TOM.



100% ACO certified organic cotton
100% biodegradable
No synthetics or dyes
Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
Not tested on animals, cruelty free & vegan
100% organic cotton top sheet, 100% organic cotton core, mater-bi bioplastic barrier back sheet.

Conveniently individually wrapped

Made in the EU

Note: Only the following Tom Organic products available for this offer:

  • Regular Ultra Thin Pads with Wings -10 Packs
  • Super Ultra Thin Pads with Wings -10 pack
  • Ultra Thin Liners – 26 Packs
  • Overnight Pads – 8 Packs
  • Mini Tampons – 16 Packs
  • Regular Tampons – 16 Packs
  • Super Tampons – 16 Packs

When ordering:

  • Please specific in the ‘comment section’ of the order cart, the packs and the quantity. The box quantity should equal to 5 in total.
  • Example: Regular Ultra Thin Pads 10 Pack x 3 qty + Mini Tampons 16 Packs x 2 qty. If there is any problem, can place an order first and our customer team will contact you via email.


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